Multiple sclerosis therapy with stem cell treatment procedure

Stem cells treatment for Ms is new, effective and totally safe treatment. Stem cell procedure can be done in couple of hours. Stem cells can be exacted from bone marrow or adipose tissue, depending of multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Multiple sclerosis and treatment  can help people already diagnosed in curing their ms symptoms, and also can provide significant improvement on overall patient health condition. There are multiple advantages of stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis:
- No side effects or rejection (because stem cells are uses form patient own body)
- Stem cell treatment don't requires total anesthesia
- There is no risks of transmissible diseases

- Procedure is quick, simple, and totally safe for ms patient
- Especially advantage is treatment with adult stem cells because they are superior over embryonic stem cells. Main purpose in advantage of adult stem cells is that, they don't require process of several months, which is common for treatment with embryonic stem cells. 

One of the most better advantage of stem cell therapy is that this treatments offers anyone diagnosed with multiple sclerosis immunomodulation, meaning that the chance of immune system attacking its own organism and nerve cells again is drastically decreased. 

Multiple Sclerosis treatment with stem cells is done in four single steps:
1. Harvesting
2. Separation
3. Activation
4. Treatment 
During the course of the next 2-4 months shifting in symptoms become more and more noticeable as the time passes. Some ms patients who were unable to walk are able to do so again. Vision, focus, memory, pain, muscle stiffness and speech problems are also some of the multiple sclerosis symptoms which trend to drastically improve after the stem cell treatment.